Learn how to play guitar the right way.

Say Jimi Hendrix blows you away with his performance… every time you listen to him play guitar.
You keep wondering how on earth does he deal with this piece of music so gorgeously and effortlessly.
How does he move his fingers on those chords like water flowing in a stream?
How… Does he create that magic with his guitar playing?

Seeing him play guitar leaves you awestruck.
The magic he creates, makes you mesmerized.
The craft and groove give you goosebumps.

And you start wondering… If you would ever be able to dance your fingers on these chords just as much magically and effortlessly.

You pretty much know how cool it is to have a guitar.


How hot it is to know to play the guitar

Clearly, hitting the market and buying yourself guitar doesn’t make you Jimmy Page.
You need to learn it from the pros. But the dilemma is…

The lifestyle of majority of people has become busier than ever. There is a lot going on. Even if one wants to express himself through art, especially music, it is quite a task to find the right teacher, the right technique, and nail down a schedule.

While there may be a whole lot of us who hit Youtube to learn guitar.
But, perfecting it the core of guitar playing, and getting really into the depth of music playing are the things which aren’t gonna get materialized through youtube. Because through videos available online ideas do not really progress as fast as you want them to.

While other guitarists take the traditional route of guitar lessons, the results might be mixed.

Maybe the guitar instructor is only teaching what THEY believe you “need to learn.”
Maybe they aren’t aware of your needs as a musician, so they aren’t moving in the right direction. Maybe, they are dealing with music too casually- without any plan at all- just “winging it.”

Whatever the case is, the attitude of music teachers may damage the musician inside you.
And there is nothing brutal than that. To kill the art. To damage the passion for art.

So, if you are a novice who is enthralled by guitar playing but doesn’t know how to even hold the guitar, here is the answer to your fears and wishes. Free trial guitar lesson by Denver Guitar Lessons.

Free Trial

Being brand new to the guitar and without having any previous knowledge to get started with guitar, is alright. Because Denver Guitar Lessons have got your back.

We understand your concerns and fears.
We value your passion for music.
We are here to help you express yourself through music.

But, of course, you must know what you are getting into before you sign up for Guitar Lessons Denver. Get a A FREE TRIAL GUITAR LESSON at Devnver Guitar Lessons.
This can give your insight about what believe in and what we promise to deliver.
Make your musical journey way more exciting and fun, and strive for high-quality music lessons. As beginner and advanced players, you can polish your guitar playing skills.
Let us help revolutionize what you think is achievable!
Sign up for the free trial guitar lesson NOW!

At Denver Guitar Lessons, all the basics are covered for both acoustic and electric guitars.

The thing to be Covered:

Joining our program enables you to cover these bases:
Learn how to hold the guitar
The numbering systems of the guitar
The parts of the guitar
How to tune your guitar
The guitar string names
How to strum the guitar
Your first guitar chords
How to play your first song
Tips for musical strumming
Moving Ahead from here

Beginners’ Course:

The beginner’s Guitar Lessons Denver is for those who are absolutely new to guitar playing. This course is divided into 9 modules.

This Guitar Lessons Denver course comprises of the core lessons along with practice routines and song suggestions.

These modules develop with a grading system based on 3 grades; white, yellow, and orange.
Each of these grades come with some related lessons on Ear Training, Guitar maintenance, Rhythm Study, and Practical Music Theory. This extensive plan is to help you understand how music works.

Word: it is super important to start your guitar playing with beginners’ course. Even if you believe that your basics are strong and you don’t need to come down to the level of beginners, because of your experience, beginners’ plan is a must. It will help you build a rock-solid foundation.
Once your basics are strong, you can start working up.

Why US?

You might be wondering what is the point of becoming a member of Denver Guitar Lessons, while there are a lot of videos and tutorials available online which can teach to play guitar free.

Well, it all looks perfect and easy in theory.


Only when you hold a guitar and try to become Jeff Beck, you would realize that there is a lot more which you need to know. There might be a small little bottleneck that impedes playing progress.
So, at Denver Guitar Lessons, we have a wonderful supportive guitar community too. Your guitar peers can help you with tips, advice, and experiences. The best part is that it is absolutely free to join.
Post videos of your progress, get tips, and advice from other like-minded guitar players.

What Do We Offer
Guitar Lessons
Flexible Lesson Schedule
Online lessons through Video Call
Face to Face
Group Workshops
Designed for your needs
Step-By-Step Lessons
Practice Sessions
Creative Approach
Play-Along Songs
Guaranteed Outcomes
Reach your Goals
Become proficient in guitar playing
No Obstacles
Enrich your persona
Express Yourself
Techniques You Can learn

Detailed methods you can start playing the guitar with detailed methods.

Get acquainted with power chords, open chords, inversions, bar chords, triads, and many more!

Expand your playing skills by learning popular styles such as metal, jazz, rock, country, blues, bluegrass, and more.

Perfect all those techniques you need to explore your full potential on an acoustic or electric guitar.

Learn to use scales and play creative lead guitar solos as you’ve always wanted.

Find your own style and voice by understanding melody, lyrics scheme, and chord progressions.

Reading Music
Learn to read sheet music effortlessly. It’s not a big deal once you take our course.

Build the chord progressions and create great music by learning how keys and chords go hand in hand.

Ear Training
Develop your ear to Figure out songs, improvise easily, and write your own music by training your ears.